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Hamdard National Foundation's
Scheme of Providing Pecuniary Benefits to the Needy Persons/Organizations/Institutions.

1. Attiyat Scheme
HNF Provides financial support to the needy persons and organization in the form of attiyat and donation for various purposes covering education, health care and similar other spheres of life. The HNF receives a number of requests from the applicants belonging to the different parts of the country in respect of granting financial assistance for their respective requirements. The HNF considers theses application sympathetically and grants an appropriate amount of money to each deserving applicant.

2. Assistance to NGOs.
HNF receives many applications every year from various NGOs of the country requesting to provide them financial assistance for various purposes. These applications are scrutinized and after due consideration, a decision is taken to grant a speciff amount of money to each of the applicant keeping in view the requirement and the purpose for which the money is needed.

3. Adoption of financially starved educational institutions and / or providing financial collaboration of them.
HNF adopts educational institutions which are financially sick and badly needs financial support for their existence. Some times HNF offers financial collaboration to educational institutions for the purpose of establishment of laboratories, libraries, computer labs, or for construction of additional class rooms or hostel facilities etc. The HNF also considers the proposal of NGOs for establishment of primary, middle, higher and higher secondary schools. Recently financial collaboration has been offered to Urdu Counil (Regd.) Pimpri Chinchwad, pune for the establishment of High School at Pimpri Chinchwad.

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