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Hamdard National Foundation's Scheme of Providing Financial Assistance to Aspirants of competitive Examinations for IAS/IFS/IPS
during the year 2006-2007

The Scheme proposes to provide Financial Assistance on Merit-cum-need basis to brilliant Graduates/Post-Graduates who aspires to compete for IAS/IFS/IPS Examinations conducted by UPSC.

The scheme was prepared and implemented in the year 2006-2007 on experimental basis because it had been observed that brilliant students belonging to economically weaker sections of the society, specially those who belong to minority communities, did not get opportunities to have qualitative coaching for preparing themselves for such competitive Examinations due to financial constrains. Thus, they were deprived of providing their mettle and excellence and felt robbed of better career opportunities. It was felt that this indecorous state of affairs could be avoided if we extended our helping hand to indemnify their sense of deprivation by providing financial assistance for better quality of coaching facility

The scheme comprised in identifying the students with brilliant academic record who were ambitious to prepare themselves for competitive examinations for IAS/IFS/IPS conducted by UPSC and helping them join reputed coaching centres/institutions with a track record of excellent results.

Keeping in view the need and the importance of the scheme, we tried to approach the following Universities: AMI, Jamia Millia Islamia, Kashmir University, Integral University, Lucknow, JNU and BHU and requested to identify two most brilliant students from each of the Universities who had excellent academic record and completed their Graduate/Post-Graduate Courses with distinction and were desirous to prepare for civil service examinations. Only two Universities, i.e. Kashmir University and AMU, responded and sent the names of the students along with their Bio-data. After interview, HNF selected two students from Kashmir University and three students from AMU and got them admitted to Chanakya IAS Academy, New Delhi for coaching by paying the subsidized Fees for coaching, boarding and lodging. The total amount spent on this account comes to Rs. 4,48,750/-.

The students have appeared in the prelims and are now waiting for the results.

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