Jamia Hamdard

Institutions Established and Funded by
Hamdard National Foundation

1. Jamia Hamdard (Hamdard University)

Institute of History of Medicine & Medical Research1962
Indian Institute of Islamic Studies1963
Hamdard College of Pharmacy 1972
Hamdard Tibbi College1973
Centre for Advanced Socio-Legal Studies1980
Hamdard National Foundation 1982
Rufaida Nursing School1984
Centre of South Asian Studies 1990
Hamdard Institute of Historical Research1990
Center for Federal Studies1991
Center for Federal Studies1991
Hamdard Archives & Research Centre1993

1.1 Jamia Hamdard (Hamdard University)

2.Hamdard Education Society

Rabea Girl's School1973
Hamdard Study Circle1992
Hamdard Study Circle1992
Hamdard Public School1993
Hamdard Primary School1981

3. All India Unani Tibbi Conference         1953

4. Saifia Hameedia Tibbi College, Burhanpur           1963

5. Hamdard Research Clinic & Nursing Home          1965

6. Ghalib Academy          1969

7. Business & Employment Bureau          1973


Technical Terms Research Project1989
The Project on the Educational Status of Households in Selected Regions of India.1990
Hindustani Project1991

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