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A kilometer and a half to the South of the Hamdard University is another campus created by Hamdard National Foundation on a 14-acre plot. It is called Talimabad and is a bold experiment in education. It is being looked after by the Hamdard Education Society which is running a school there called Hamdard Public School as well as a school in the heart of old Delhi called Rabea Girls School and Hamdard Primary School on the Campus of Jamia Hamdard Every year Hamdard Education Society invites boys and girls from different parts of India and on the basis of written and oral tests awards them scholarships.

The germ of the Talimabad project lay in the idea that in order to create leadership qualities, special arrangements should be made for selecting the brightest students from all over the county, and give them the benefit of good instruction and upbringing, close supervision and extensive extra-curricular activities. The original concept was to have a school for gifted children, but subsequently it was given up in favour of a whole complex, which would cater to education and upbringing from the nursery stage to the level of class XII and would, in addition, provide coaching for the Civil Services Examination.

The Hamdard Public School, one of the best in Delhi, has over 2000 students with separate hostels for boys and girls, each accommodating 250 students. It is well-staffed and well-equipped with labs and libraries. English and Hindi are compulsory languages and students in Class III to XII have the option to choose one more language out of Arabic, French, Sanskrit and Urdu. It has spacious grounds and a swimming pool and tries to raise the intellectual level with the physical development.

Also in Talimabad is the famous Hamdard Study Circle which sends, from year to year, a number of a candidate to the Civil Services, after they qualify through rigorous study and training under the guidance of a large number of top officials, administrators and educationists. This is the first Coaching Centre in the country with full infrastructure, including hostel facilities and a well-laid-out Campus. It started functioning in March 1992 and has shown remarkable results every year since then.

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Hamdard Study Center
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