Jamia Hamdard

Business and Employment Bureau

The Business & Employment Bureau was set up by Hamdard National Foundation and registered under the Societies Registration Act in 1972.

Its objectives are:

  1. To provide information and facilities for education of minority communities.
  2. To help the students from minority communities to compete in public examinations and promote self-employment.
In accordance with these objectives the Bureau is undertaking short-term and long-term activities.

The short-term activities include the following:

  1. Registration of candidates seeking employment and guiding them to appropriate jobs.
  2. Coaching selected students and preparing them for the Board Examinations.
  3. Running secretarial courses and counseling.

In its long-term concerns, the following activities are included:

  1. Bureau keeps track of small-scale industries and enterprises, project profiles of civil, mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering. These are made available to candidates wanting to take up self-employment.
  2. The Business & Employment Bureau also collects information relating to computer technology in order to update skills and enable the students belonging to the weaker sections to keep up with the technological changes in production.

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