Beginning with the Name of Allah, the Most
Gracious, Merciful, Beneficent and Benevolent

"A Story of Faith, Dedication, Hope, Charity,
Light of Love and Solace to Mankind.

Welcome to Hamdard National Foundation

"And spend in the cause of Allah and do good, for He loves those who do good to Others"

{A1 Quran, 2: 196}

Keeping in view the meaning and the spirit of the above verse of Holy Quran, Late Hakim Abdul Hameed, a renowned Unani Physician, Philanthropist, entrepreneur, founded Hamdard National foundation, an NGO for social welfare with the objective of crafting an awakening regarding education and health care among the people belonging to the weaker section of the society particularly Muslims and also for emancipation of women and children.

He set up a number of institutions ranging from primary schools to a university. He was a "unique personality who combined in him the qualities of a visionary and a great unani medicine practitioner. His hard work, dedication, commitment, sincerity of purpose, honest approach and genuine motivational activities contributed a lot to the phenomenal development of professional and technical institution, social and cultural uplift of the backward Indian Muslims which have left a lasting impression for the young federations to follow. Hamdard National Foundation receives 100% profit of Hamdard (Wakf) Laboratories and spend the same on charitable causes.

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